Over the years Mahir has worked over numerous charity projects helping local communities. Our "Human Care Welfare" project is an unregistered not for profit charity project which has helped generous donors channelize their charities and donations in Pakistan to the rightful purpose and right hands with 100% assurity and trust that we’ve build over the years. Human Care Welfare project runs a very transparent, simple and systematic methodology whereby we regularly update our donors with a report and statement of spending of their donations and charity money. Main focus of our charity work we’ve done so far is, but not limited to those, mentioned below. Donations and Charity money such as Zakat is strictly used only for the purpose its donors have intended for including the expenses incurred thereon for fulfilling such purpose.


  • Financial assistance of under developed communities in setting up a school for children. Make donations to schools in need of repairs, furniture & fixtures and computers, free school bags, uniforms and books to poor needy and brilliant students.
  • Full Financial assistance including provision of laptops with high speed wireless internet connectivity to high caliber talented female students who cannot afford quality education from school to university level and encouraging them to be independent by finding home based jobs.
  • Financial assistance of poor families for wedding of their daughters.
  • Financial assistance of deprived women and skill development to help them continue work from home i.e. provision of sewing machines, embroidery machines etc.
  • Financial assistance of under developed community in provision of continuous supply of clean drinkable ground water specially those areas where women have to travel far from their home in search of drinkable water for daily use.
  • Financial assistance of patients with life threatening illness unable to afford expensive medical treatment.
  • Provision of carpets as well as repair & maintenance works of old mosques.
  • Channelize donations and arrange food & shelter to areas hit with natural calamities like floods, earthquake and famine including working with local NGOs.
  • Collect and channelize donations for most transparent and well respected charity organisations like EDHI, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer hospital.
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