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Mahir.pk is first and foremost Pakistani online platform connecting service providers with customers for performing repair, maintenance and service tasks. We have made your tedious daily task extremely easy to accomplish through the use of our app. Mahir.pk is your gateway to getting the most skilled professional for your desired job.

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It’s that time month again when you need to keep your financial statements straight. Don't worry with Mahir.pk at your disposal you now avail bookkeeping services, any financial consultancy that you may require or even formulating a HR payroll plan.

Advertising/ Marketing branding

Need your social media taken care of by professionals? Well Mahir.pk will help you in achieving the social media marketing that your business deserves. Product branding, printing of banner and flyers as well as outdoor marketing which is also called direct marketing all is offered on a single platform Mahir.pk. So don’t wait and book your service provider.

Animal/Pets /Pests

Are you looking for professional help for your pets or want protections from pest? Well don’t wait up Mahir.pk will get all that done for your. Simply book your desired service today and bet connected to your service provider.


Most of you are always worried about hygiene when visiting beauty saloon. Well don’t worry Mahir.pk gets you connected to trained professionals. Hairdressing, massage, skin rejuvenation, make and more all can be done at your house with safe and hygienic way. So book your desired service today at Mahir.pk


Mahir.pk offers service providers that not only will take care of domestic by corporate level cleaning. So if you have a skyscraper like building as an office then don’t worry book your desired service at Mahir.pk and get started on it.


IT can be a tough job to handle. But not for Mahir.pk’s service providers. We have the best men for the job if you need an app developed for your business, software development, website design etc. Just go to our app and boom your desired service and get started.

Construction/ Home improvements

Finding the right people to get some renovation done to your house is really challenging. But worry no more with Mahir.pk at your disposal you can easily book service providers for your desired task like a carpenter or a handyman and much more.


Need authentic genuine fragrance? Just book the dedicated service provider for the job through Mahir.pk app.


Although being a straightforward task it can be really sidelined some times to get your parcel delivered through couriers. We at Mahir.pk will provide you with a service provider to get your parcel delivered locally or internationally. With Mahir.pk at your disposal this task won’t ever get sidelined again.


Mahir.pk have best of the best service providers that cater the engineering sector. So if you’re in need for civil, electrical or mechanical engineers just book them through our app and a service provider will be on your way.

Event Planning

Arranging a wedding in a marquee can be hassle. Hiring florists, musicians or light setups can be chaos. But with our app Mahir.pk your can hire the desired service provider which will get all things done for you.


Need your upholstery restored to its original look or want customized furniture? Just book a service provider through Mahir.pk app and get started.


Its no party without a little gaming set up. Well just book a service provider through Mahir.pk app and get your gaming supplies for your special party.


Isn’t it extremely annoying to run with pathetic Internet speed? Well you can fix that by installing fiber cables that will exhibit high speed Internet. Just book the desired service provider and ride with high speed internet either through fiber or LTE.


Book a part time service provider through Mahir.pk app that will take care of your legal problems. Ranging from business law to property law Mahir’s service provider cater to all every sector.


You're never to old to learn or get classes for specific skills that you’re interested in. With Mahir.pk app you can now book service providers that can help you in cooking, sewing/knitting, driving, musical instruments etc.


In this and age people are heading towards the automation level. Book a service provider with Mahir.pk app and get your office automated ready to perform as well as outsource administration level because delegation is key to working efficiently.


Moving out or travelling? Well book a service provider through Mahir.pk app and get your stuff bubble wrapped/ shrink-wrapped or boxes etc.

Real Estate

Finding the right rental place for your office space or house can be really tedious and annoying sometimes. Through Mahir.pk app you can now book a service provider that will help you in commercial/residential rentals as well as for sale too.

Tailor/Dressmaker/Dry Cleaning

It’s hard to find proper suit/dress maker in time when it's the wedding season. But don’t worry through our app Mahir.pk you can get service provider that will make your custom tailored made dress as well as dry clean and steam press them at your disposal.


Moving out or travelling? Well book a service provider through Mahir.pk app and get your stuff bubble wrapped/ shrink-wrapped or boxes etc.

About Us

Mahir is Pakistan’s leading service provider which helps easing down your day-to-day tasks. With over 20+ categories ranging from plumbing to event planning. Mahir connects the service providers directly with end consumers, directly along with enterprises as well, no strings attached. Innovation and simplicity makes us happy; our goal is to settle all your tasks from high quality Mahir’s at competitive cost, your convenience and expected quality.

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